We recently came across one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns we've ever seen, Misc Goods created by Tyler Deeb. Tyler is an art director, designer & illustrator living in Louisville, Kentucky. Living with his wife and two kids. He came across his obsession with Art Direction and Design while on a walk with one of his friends. You can read more about that here. Tyler began Misc Goods after leaving his salary job as an in-house designer where he went full time freelance and dove into creating a playing card which in return became a full deck of cards. 

Tyler's unique style and attention is amazing and this set of cards shows off just that, what intended to be just a idea evolved into a full on brand. With cards, flasks, t shirts, and posters.

Here's a Creative Mornings talk Tyler did a while back.

Check out more of Tyler's work here and more of Misc Goods here.


Photos: Kickstarter & Tyler Deeb