We've all seen the special renditions of the Google logo celebrating a holiday or a noted figure's birthday. In fact, today's logo celebrates Houidini's 137th birthday in a very vintage way (below). Did you know, that in addition to the US, Google also commemorates dates of importance in other countries with special logos? We didn't, but we do now!Here are a few of our favorites of 2011. You can see others here.


Harry Houdini's 137th Birthday Mar 24, 2011 / Harry Houidini's 137th Birthday


Persian New Year Mar 21, 2011 / Persian New Year - (Selected Countries)



150th Anniversary of the Italian Unification Mar 17, 201 / 150th Anniversary of the Italian Unification - (Italy)



Girl's Day Mar 03, 2011 / Girl's Day - (Japan)



Kuwait National Day Feb 25, 2011 / Kuwait National Day - (Kuwait)



Ernest Shackleton's birthday Feb 15, 2011 / Ernest Shackleton's birthday - (UK)



Grandparents' Days Jan 21, 2011 / Grandparents' Days - (Poland)



Cezanne's 172nd Birthday Jan 19, 2011 / Cezanne's 172nd Birthday - (Global)



Coming of Age Day Jan 10, 2011 / Coming of Age Day - (Japan)