We had to highlight this book cover for obvious reasons. What a great vision by designer Jonathan Barnbrook.clockwork_orange_barnbrook2_0

"Barnbrook studio has designed the cover for Penguin's new 'restored edition' of Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange. Here, Jonathan Barnbrook and art director Jim Stoddart explain the process behind approaching a book with such a formidable visual history...

That Burgess's 1962 novel has had such a visual presence is in part due to Stanley Kubrick's 1971 film version, where the director constructed a vibrant visual language for the author's story. David Pelham's book cover for A Clockwork Orange from 1972 then referenced that vocabularly and established a potent, cog-eyed symbol for the work in the process (Pelham's cover is shown at the bottom of this post).

Penguin's 'restored edition' includes Burgess's original final chapter which was cut from US editions on publication (and is missed out of Kubrick's version); a glossary of the 'Nadsat' slang used by the protagonist Alex and his 'droogs'; and additional explanatory notes, author interviews and writing by Burgess and others that relates to the book."

(via Creative Review)