We are absolutely stunned at how beautiful this collection of photos is. It is photos of people all over the world, reading. We love the way these photos capture the unique ways of life around the world, while connecting each by the act of reading. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!


Photojournalist Steve McCurry is best known for shooting one of the most famous photographs ever taken -– 1985′s “Afghan Girl,” an image of a young girl with sea green eyes staring defiantly into the camera. But war and those affected by it are not his only subjects. “Like most photographers, I’m fascinated by people in everyday situations,” he says. “The work I do is mostly wandering and observing human nature and human activity, working and playing and leisure time. As you’re walking around the streets of China, India, New York, whererver -– it is fun to photograph people simply doing things.”

One of his ongoing projects is compiling a collection of photos of people reading, entitled “Fusion: The Synergy of Energy and Words” (Part I and Part II).




Yemen-10072, Yemen, 04/1997, Father and Daughter Reading a bookYemen


Young monks study Buddhist scripture at a monastery in Lithang, Tibet, 1999.Thailand

00045_ 13. Two boys looking at a Book.Beijing

00472_20, Rome, Italy, 1984, EUROPE-10056NF, ITALY-10041NFItaly