New York based Artist/Designer, Kelli Anderson just finished an incredible 100%-paper installation for the New York Public Library, in which she converted the covers of books into paper sculptures for a window display. The display, which includes a miniature NYC skyline, lit with model train lighting, was created with the help of some of Anderson's extremely talented and creative friends. Check out more photos and videos documenting the process here on her blog!

"Physical books have always felt like spatial riddles to me—they arrive collapsed to a surreal degree. This is in part due to the design ingenuity of compressing miles of lines of text into a pocket-sized volume. However, it is also due to that telescoping feeling of new possibilities which makes a book’s humble physical presence so cartoonishly out of sync with the reader’s experience. This disparity gradually reveals itself as the reader moves from page to page, much like how a flat facade on a building becomes dimensional as a walker turns a corner." - Kelli Anderson