"It is said that Land Rover vehicles can take on any obstacles in the desert, but can their owners?

To help Land Rover owners stay alive if they ever get stuck in the desert, Land Rover worked with ad agency Young & Rubicam Dubaito create an edible survival guide.

In the ‘Edible Desert Survival Guide’, tips on surviving the harshness of the dessert—such as scorching temperatures, deadly animals and such—are explained.

It teaches you things like how to build shelters, signal for help, light a fire, hunt birds and how to get your orientation by using the North star.

But as a last resort, you can eat the book!

The survival guide is made out of edible paper and ink. Its metal binding can be used as skewers; and its reflective packaging, to signal for help. "

(Via Design Taxi)

LR Eat Book 2.aiLR Eat Book