"Kids that are visually impaired usually read books that are different from those that fully-sighted kids read, because of the Braille lettering that regular printed books do not have—this leads to a separation between blind kids and sighted kids. To break down this barrier, and promote equality between the blind and the fully-sighted, Thailand Association of the Blind teamed up with creative agency BBDO Bangkok and publisher Pasarnmitr, to create a series of books ‘Storybook For All Eyes’.

To create the book series that lets both blind kids and sighted kids learn together, a special font that combines Braille and the letters of the English alphabet was created—every character of the English alphabet was embossed with dots that make up the Braille letters, for blind kids to be able to read with their hands.

Each story was told in the ‘fusion’ font, so that both blind and sighted kids can read and experience the same story.

Preview one of the books, ‘Mr Light and Mr Dark’ by Rook Floro, over here, or watch the video below to find out more about how the special books work."

(via Design Taxi)