There's good news for those of us who couldn't be in New York for the Designers & Books Fair last October!


"Designers & Books announces the launch of its online design book fair—featuring nearly 400 books about design from 13 internationally distinguished publishers. In addition to providing a completely new type of browse and buy experience, some of the books at the Fair are being offered at discounts of up to 50% off their retail price.

Last October in New York, Designers & Books launched the Designers & Books Fair—a weekend-long celebration of the design book community. The popularity of the “offline” fair suggested the idea for an online offshoot.

The Designers & Books Online Book Fair provides a first-ever experience that combines the serendipity and spontaneity of  browsing in a bookstore with the refined search, sort, and filter capabilities of the Internet. The combination provides a helpful, enjoyable, and well-designed way to discover design books on the Web.

Included are books about architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design, landscape design, product and industrial design, urban design—and all related design fields: 14 in total.

With 62 filter options that can be sorted 8 different ways, the site has been designed to make the discovery of books both pleasurable and pinpoint effective. With ease you’ll be able to find broad categories of books, like architecture titles (148 books on the site)—and with equal ease you’ll also be able to “drill down” and find specific architecture books; for example books that have been tagged “North American” and “20th-century,” “priced between $50 and $75” (8 books on the site).


And if you want to take the opposite approach of pinpoint precision because you are in the mood for surprises—you can choose the “random browse” option.


All books on the site have extra-large cover images and extensive book and author profile information. New books and publishers will constantly be added to the site.

The Designers & Books Online Book Fair is a project of Designers & Books and was designed and programmed by Studio Kudos."