Have you ever found yourself in a debate over why a book is often times more appealing than an ebook? Or are you worried about the book being added to endangered species list?

Well, here are few points, courtesy of BookGenie, to keep in mind and to remind us why the book may never go out of style.

E-books never haunt the reader.

There is something mystical, something strangely mesmerizing about an unfinished book peeking out of a bookshelf or staring back at you by the bedside table. Somehow, ebooks don’t have that same charm; they never haunt you to be read; in fact, they are never ever visible unless you invoke them.

No Place to note down your thoughts.

E-books don’t allow readers to jot down their thoughts and their feelings while reading a text. Sure, they have the option of highlighting, but that’s just not enough.

The lack of value addition.

Most ebooks lack the value addition.Most of them are simply replicas of the print versions, but are priced only marginally lower than them. Why would a person buy something that has no emotional connect, has the same material that he can get in the printed world, and is priced almost at par with it?

Ebooks lack aesthetic value.

Yes, we apologized beforehand for points which may seem trivial, but are actually not. There is something grand, something snobbish about a rare title displayed proudly on your coffee table.

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