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Turn Your iPhone Photo Into A Polaroid With The Impossible Project

Turn Your iPhone Photo Into A Polaroid With The Impossible Project

Turn Any iPhone Photo into a Polaroid with the Impossible Instant Lab polaroid iPhone device cameras
Turn Any iPhone Photo into a Polaroid with the Impossible Instant Lab polaroid iPhone device cameras
Turn Any iPhone Photo into a Polaroid with the Impossible Instant Lab polaroid iPhone device cameras

"After a wildly successful Kickstarter last year, the Impossible Project have finally made their handy iPhone polaroid printer, The Impossible Instant Lab, available to the general public. The portable lab allows you to turn any photograph on your iPhone or iPod Touch into a bonafide polaroid print in just moments, harkening back to ye olden days when photos were regarded more as physical artifacts that could be shared in real life."

Source: This is Colossal

Books We Love: Gestalten - The Outsiders

Books We Love: Gestalten - The Outsiders




"The book captures the refreshing and evolving ethos of today’s smartly successful outdoor and lifestyle entrepreneurs and features interviews with key players from across the outdoor sector. Catering to modern globetrotters, these innovators are rethinking the ways in which the fundamental challenges posed by the wilderness meet the aesthetic needs of design-literate adventurers. The results are often radical, but always likeable with the occasional romantic or ironic wink."

Source: Gestalten





Paper Art: Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought

Paper Art: Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought

New Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought paper
New Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought paper
New Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought paper
New Cut Paper Correspondence by Annie Vought paper

Oakland-based artist Annie Vought has completed several new structural paper works created by carefully cutting handwritten text out of large sheets of paper. Of her work Vought says:

The handwriting and the lines support the structure of the cut paper, keeping it strong and sculptural, despite its apparent fragility. In these paper cutouts, I focus on the text, structure, and emotion of the letter in an elaborate investigation into the properties of writing and expression. Penmanship, word choice, and spelling all contribute to possible narratives about who that person is and what they are like. my recreating the letters is an extended concentration on peoples’ inner lives and the ways they express their thoughts through writing.

You can learn much more about these new works over on designboom and in her recent interview over on In the Make. Vought currently has work at a recently extended group show titled In Other Words at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco.

Source: This is Colossal

The Paradigm-Shifting Topic of 3D Printing

The Paradigm-Shifting Topic of 3D Printing


"Let's face it—the golden age of 3D printing has now begun. In all likelihood, this development represents the largest technical upheaval in manufacturing since the invention of the lathe. Sharing a love of technology and experimentation, young designers like Claire Warnier and Dries Verbruggen of Belgian design studio Unfold continue to expand the possibilities of 3D printing and digital production. Recently, the duo transferred their ideas into Printing Things, a new book by Gestalten that presents the newest technologies and outstanding projects, testifying the paradigm-shifting topic of 3D printing.

In this video, meet with Warnier and Verbruggen to catch a glimpse into the 3D printing world and its background of what some have hailed as the third industrial revolution."

Source: Gestalten

Paper Art: The Hunter

Paper Art: The Hunter


The Hunter (Theatrical Installation) from Davy and Kristin McGuire on Vimeo.

The Hunter is a paper diorama that comes to life through projected animations, music and sound effects. When the intricately cut paper model illuminates, tiny shadow figures seem to appear behind the diorama in order to depict a silent fable about the cruelty of human conduct and the ability to repent our actions. The Hunter is a gallery installation that tells a 15 min narrative on a loop for a maximum of 10 people at a time.

Paper Fun Truck

Paper Fun Truck


"Patterned after the ice cream truck that most of us remember chasing down the street when we were young, the whimsically decorated Domtar Paper Fun Truck (#paperfuntruck) visited schools, businesses, retirement communities and even a Los Angeles area beach. People beamed as they showed their friends the gifts they received from the Paper Fun Truck’s window. The gifts ranged from coloring books to office paper, best-selling novels to cupcakes wrapped in paper."

“Paper will always be a part of our daily routines, because it not only meets important needs, but also brings excitement and joy,” said Paige Goff, Domtar’s vice president of sustainability and business communications. “We created a ‘Paper Fun Truck’ for the fun it would bring, but also to illustrate that, even in the digital age, paper remains a fundamental part of everyone’s life.” 

Source: PI World

Books We Love - Out of the Blue: The Essence and Ambition of Finnish Design

Books We Love - Out of the Blue: The Essence and Ambition of Finnish Design



"Finland is a country of stark contrasts between nature and high-tech, tradition and unpredictability. It is known for its impressive school system and breathtaking lakes and forests, but also for its love of sauna taking, air guitar playing, and lots of coffee drinking. Its culture and a strong craft tradition have brought up some of the world’s most impressive designs, designers, and design-related brands."


"Out of the Blue showcases Finland’s unique design culture from legendary figures like Alvar Aalto and heritage manufacturers such as Marimekko, Iittala, Artek, or Nokia to a new contemporary generation of chefs, explorers, makers, and entrepreneurs. The book takes an insightful and entertaining look at the typical Finnish characteristics of inventiveness, community spirit, love of liberty, ongoing transformation, and the free rein to be wacky."

Check out the book here on the Gestalten website.







Books We Love - Printing Things: Product Design Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing

Books We Love - Printing Things: Product Design Visions and Essentials for 3D Printing


Printing Things 1

"3D printers will soon be found in more and more workshops, offices, and homes. With them, we will be able to print out small pieces of furniture, prototypes, replacement parts, and even a new toothbrush on-site at any time. Consequently, new production methods and business models are developing—along with a new visual language of multidimensional formal explorations. Today, 3D objects and complex forms can already be printed out that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional methods."

Printing Things 2

"Printing Things is an inspirational and understandable exploration of the creative potential of 3D printing. The book not only introduces outstanding projects, key experts, and the newest technologies, but it also delves into the complex topics that these paradigm-shifting technologies bring up, such as how to handle copyrights and seamless manufacturing."

Check out the book here on the Gestalten website.

printingthings_press_p188-189   printingthings_press_p192-193

Books We Love - Visual Storytelling

Books We Love - Visual Storytelling



"Visual storytelling uses graphic design, infographics, illustration, and photography to convey information in the most elegant, entertaining, and informative way. Today, the creative scope of existing visual storytelling techniques is being expanded to meet the formidable challenge of extracting valuable news, surprising findings, and relevant stories from a daily flood of data head on. Visual Storytelling is the first book to focus solely on contemporary and experimental manifestations of visual forms that can be classified as such. The rich selection of cutting-edge examples featured here is put into context with text features by Andrew Losowsky and interviews with experts including the New York Times, Francesco Franchi, and Golden Section Graphics."





Books We Love - Autoban

Books We Love - Autoban



Based in Istanbul, Autoban is one of the most sought-after design studios worldwide. Founders Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar create gorgeous furniture pieces and spectacular interiors at the nexus between Asia and Europe, tradition and modernity—a fitting reflection of the city in which they live and work and whose contemporary landscape their design now defines. gladly accepted an invitation by Özdemir and Çağlar to Istanbul to experience some of their stunning “spatialities” on location. From passion and dreams to hustle and bustle—everything that happens in the city becomes a design inspiration and functions to form a distinctive visual experience. Stroll with us here in this mesmerizing city. Çok teşekkür ederim!

This book presents a rich selection of Autoban’s breathtaking projects that are documented in striking photographs and plans. The distinctive concepts for restaurants, hotels, apartments, offices, and retail spaces showcase the studio’s worldview between global cosmopolitanism and its own cultural idiosyncrasies. Insightful texts give further insight into Autoban’s creative process and philosophy.


autoban_web_1 autoban_web_3

Creative Bookmarks

Creative Bookmarks


Check out these creative bookmarks that bring to lives some of the details of the novels they were designed for. Check out the original post here!40ba15934509fc2887c627c3e247ae87






Paper Forecast

Paper Forecast


"The worlds first weather forecast completely made out of paper. Can be seen in the streets of Shoreditch, London - a city that is without a doubt obsessed with it´s weather."

(Source: florianmarquardt)








Event - Behind the Design of Bloomberg Businessweek

Event - Behind the Design of Bloomberg Businessweek


If you're in Berlin on March 19th, don't miss out on this incredible lecture with Creative Director of Bloomberg, Richard Turley.


Date: March 19, 2014

Time: 19:00

Location: Gestalten Space, Sophie-Gips-Höfe, Sophienstraße 21, 10178 Berlin


"Gestalten is proud to present an evening talk with Richard Turley, creative director of Bloomberg Businessweek.

When Turley joined the respected magazine in 2010, his mission was nothing less than to reinvent it. Since then, the magazine has won numerous awards and accolades from the Art Directors Club, D&AD, the Society of Publication Designers (including Magazine of the Year 2012), and The Society for News Design to name but a few.

Each week they translate the complex, button-down, data-driven world of business, politics, and economics into an endlessly surprising visual package; featuring bold, fresh, and often provocative covers that capture the imagination and mood of the nation.

In this evening talk moderated by Gestalten’s Sven Ehmann, Turley will share highlights from his impactful body of work as well as his thoughts on igniting creativity amid tight deadlines. “While everyone else feels limited by the lack of time for a project, I find it very liberating, as you do not have the burden of over analysis. It is all instinctive”, says Turley.

Don’t miss your chance to hear this award-winning creative director give insight into the design process at Bloomberg Businessweek, which doesn't look like a traditional news weekly but continually strives to be informative, seductive, and unexpected.

Read Richard Turley’s “The Blessing of Deadlines” essay and learn more about Bloomberg Businessweek in Gestalten’s book Designing News: Changing the World of Editorial Design and Infographics by Francesco Franchi.

This event will be held in English. Free entrance."

(Source: Gestalten)

CTI Paper USA Launches Major Innovation in Kraft Papers with Glama KRAFT

CTI Paper USA Launches Major Innovation in Kraft Papers with Glama KRAFT


We're excited to share this news with you about CTI Paper's environmentally friendly breakthrough which will affect packaging and printing everywhere.


CTI Paper USA introduces an important technology breakthrough that enables high-speed, multicolor printing of kraft papers: Glama KRAFT papers for brand packaging and commercial/specialty printing.

Value-priced premium, FSC-certified Glama KRAFT features a proprietary treatment that enables six-color-plus sheetfed and heat-set web offset printing, as well as production-rated laser/toner printing. The new product is made with 90 percent postconsumer fiber and 100 percent recycled content.

Glama KRAFT is available now across the United States and Canada to brand packagers, converters, print service providers and graphic designers. The specially engineered sheet reproduces vibrant, saturated colors, yields excellent ink holdout, image quality and print fidelity—and delivers outstanding performance on press.

Privately held CTI Paper USA is one of the largest suppliers of premium digital and offset printing papers, envelopes and packaging papers in North America.

“Demand for printable kraft paper is growing worldwide because of its aesthetic and tactile appeal, as well as its unique messaging value,” said John Kelly, president and co-owner of CTI Paper USA.

Kelly added “Glama KRAFT brings an entirely new color and design dimension to kraft paper while significantly reducing the total cost associated with producing finished print on it. Importantly, our product also delivers the strong environmental attributes that buyers and end-users expect today.”

Glama KRAFT is available in four weights—including a double-thick heavyweight—in a range of cut-size sheets, folio sheets and matching envelopes. It is also sold in custom rolls for converting and heat-set web printing. Color options are brown over grey, grey/grey and brown/brown.

High-value, high-profit applications across packaging and print

Applications include a wide range of retail/consumer products, food and beverage packaging, labels and tags, small lightweight bags, coffee sleeves, menus, greeting cards, announcements, invitations and matching envelopes. Glama KRAFT is also ideal for corporate identity, direct mail and other marketing collateral including business cards, brochures, presentation folders, covers and much more.

Glama KRAFT creates a wide range of new business opportunities for printers, converters and designers. The new substrate also provides streamlined productivity in the pressroom and bindery because of its ease of printing and strong performance on-press.

Multicolor graphics pop on Glama KRAFT, particularly when printed over a white opaque underlay and over other reflective inks. A new print demonstration from CTI Paper shows Glama KRAFT in a small sampling of possible applications for high-end retail, including specialty coffee, cosmetics/personal care and fashion. [See print demonstration hereOpens in a new window.]

Glama KRAFT accepts most standard finishing and postpress treatments including embossing, foil stamping, folding, diecutting, perfect binding and saddle stitching.

“CTI Paper USA is continuously working to bring high-value, profitable new products to our customers,” said Kelly. “Glama KRAFT is the state-of-the-art in printable kraft papers today. Brand packagers, printers, converters and graphic designers see strong potential to give their customers the look, feel, messaging value and affordability that only multicolor-printable kraft papers can deliver.”

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