The power of print is endless.
It’s a medium that’s not passive. It confronts you, it’s tactile. 
It's not something you can scroll through and just forget about.

- Sarah Bennett, co-founder of LBZF

Last weekend, the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) hosted the third annual Long Beach Zine Fest (LBZF), where creators from LA, Long Beach, the Bay Area, and Salt Lake City gathered to showcase and sell their zines.

So, what exactly is a "zine?"

It's a DIY,  stapled, glued, hand-drawn, creative, custom-printed, independent, self-made magazine. And they're super rad. In a world of endless scrolling — constant bombardment with loud, generic, and thoughtless media — zines offer readers an engaging, tactile, and lasting experience. 

Each zine is different.

When flipping through a zine, readers get a unique glimpse into the mind of the author and creator. Subject matter can range from political discourse, sci-fi comics, scientific cataloging of plants, cat obsessions, punny jokes, and literally everything you can imagine.

Some are totally goofy, expressing play, humor, and whimsy. Others are serious, exploring individual identity within mass culture, socioeconomic issues, and the meaning of life. Each zine is a little moment in time, and a small glimpse of culture.

We love how zine creators use print to express their ideas, viewpoints, and artistic vision. Check out some highlights from LBZF below! 

Visit the LBZF website and Instagram to learn more about the event, the creators, and zine culture. 

all images courtesy of @twophoton, @heckketchupco, @dear_daughter_, @currycheeks, @splendid.disasters, @sea.lake, @bijoukarman, and @lbzinefest