Actor Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live on September 30, 2017. One particular sketch was right up our alley: Gosling plays a character obsessed with frustration that a professional designer would use Papyrus font for a blockbuster movie like Avatar.


Papyrus has been widely used for years — from newsletters to business signs and brochures. A designer named Chris Costello created it largely by accident in 1983 at his first job. Had he known it would be installed in over a billion computers, he might have sold it for more than the equivalent of $2,500.

Fonts and typefaces evoke reactions from us. We can’t help but make associations with them — trustworthy, whimsical, unintelligent, dignified, and even electable:




Which one makes fictional candidate Pat most compelling?

Put succinctly: design creates emotional experiences. That is why we are such big fans of those who do it well, and why we feature so many different brands and artists on our blog and social media. We love good design!