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Futuristic Paper

Canopy, a forest-advocacy non-profit, and Margaret Atwood recently partnered to produce a special limited edition (now sold out!) version of her book, In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imagination. What makes it so special, is the entire book was printed on their Second Harvest Paper which is made of straw!

About Second Harvest Paper

Second Harvest Paper is made from straw leftover after the grain harvest and all other uses, such as animal bedding and maintaining soil integrity, are accounted for.

This leftover straw is known as “agricultural residue”. It is typically disposed of by burning, but it happens to be ideal for making paper.

North America's vast agricultural heartlands are untapped sources of this paper fibre. Every year millions of tons of agricultural residue, like wheat and flax straw, go unused while our forests are logged to make more paper.

The 20 million acres of wheat grown in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan results in about 13-20 million tons of wheat straw. These provinces also grow an additional 2 million acres of flax. The top wheat-growing states in the U.S. produce more than 40-million acres of wheat.

That’s enough straw to meet much of North America’s book, magazine, catalogue and copy paper needs.

It’s also enough to keep up to 830 million trees standing every year.

(courtesy of Canopy)