5 On Press Ways To Make Your Litho Print Pop

Everyone enjoys a little something special. Whether it’s truffle oil on a hot gourmet pizza, surround sound on a hi-def TV or embellishments on a well-designed, printed piece. Small details can make a big difference. 

Upgrading your printed pieces can dramatically enhance their perceived value. These simple upgrades can take your project from basic to premium. 

Stay In Control Inline

Whether it has a strike through varnish, a rich Pantone color, spot gloss, or making use of the unusual substrate, this growing category of upgraded brand pieces is in demand, and that demand is growing.

A benefit of working with a trusted and experienced litho printing partner is that several embellishments can be done while inline on a litho press. No need to send off for additional finishing which means adding costs and adding time to your project.

Pieces that Pop

Here are 5 ways to enhance your printed piece, cut costs and get your product out quickly: 

1. Spot Gloss 

One way to make a piece stand out is to maximize contrast between matte and gloss surfaces. Spot gloss is a high-gloss shine that is added to specific areas which over the matte varnish which, in turn, amplifies that area. This will draw the eye to the shiny enhancement on the piece. 

2. Strikethrough Varnish

This is an in-line printing process that applies both a dull/matte varnish and a gloss varnish. The gloss, applied on the entire sheet, is repelled by the dull varnished areas, resulting in contrasting textures. The highlighted areas are glossy and the remainder of the sheet is left dull/matte. This technique will set your printed piece apart from the rest and is sure to grab the attention of your customers. 

3. Pantone Spot Printing

The PMS (Pantone matching system) is an industry-specific color matching system. This system ensures that your branded color (like Netflix red, or Starbucks green) is formulated first, for exact representation, and then used for printing. Matching your printed piece to the exact PMS swatch is a guaranteed way to enhance brand recognition. 

4. Colored Paper

Simplicity can go a long way. Printing on colored paper is a popular toned-down and cost-efficient solution and that can separate your brand design from the other guys. The key is to work closely with a designer or someone with a keen eye for design. You can stay true to your brand standards while adding a level of intrigue. 

5. Unusual Substrates

Run of the mill paper is not your only printing option. There are different varieties of paper substrates to choose from when printing your piece. Paper options can include gloss, satin, matte and dull. You might prefer uncoated, opaque or heavy paper. Some projects might even allow you to print on wood or stone. This is why a knowledgeable and creative print partner is a must-have.

Bigger Dot Knows Litho Print

Making a splash in today’s competitive printing pool isn’t easy, but it is possible. Print embellishments are a way to cut through the visual commonality. They can make your printed piece stand out in a sea of ordinary. To accomplish this, it takes the help of a keen designer and an experienced litho printing partner, such as Bigger Dot, to bring your piece to life.

bigger dot is a global print project management company that provides custom, specialized and strategic print project solutions. We work with industries such as performing arts, tech, education, aerospace, and corporate culture changers.