The Dimense Printer. Also Known as the Latest Dimension of Printing.


Innovation in Print Technology never sleeps. The continual advancements are brighter, faster, and in the case of Dimense print technology, they truly come to life. Dimense print technology is the latest innovation and in true Bigger Dot fashion, we’re here to tell you all about it.

3D is the New 2D 

As the name implies, the Dimense printer “dimenses” digital printing. It creates a dimensional, embossed product during the print process that can be seen and felt. Dimense media materials consist of 2 layers, a non-woven back and a PVC-free composition top layer. Under certain temperatures in the printer the top layer foams and expands to create “structure” while other areas remain flat where ink is applied, creating the 3D effect.

The Dimense Printer allows for a variety of creative possibilities that no other printer can achieve. It also uses vibrant water-based latex ink, making it an eco-friendly solution.

You Must Touch to Believe 

The possibilities for this technology are endless. Imagine the tangibility of Dimense printing on perfume and spirits packaging, restaurant walls, and store displays. Anyone who sees it will need to touch it, creating a lasting impression with all your consumers.

Other applications include: 


The Dimense Printer Special Effects

Dimense technology is extremely versatile and there are a few effects that really make it stand out.

Matte Finish is one of the most popular medias when using Dimense technology. The matte finish works well for many applications including canvases, packaging, digital concrete, and paintable 3D decor.

Gold Finish is attractive for obvious reasons. The gold effect generates a premium product and is best when a glossy, shiny finish is the desired result.

Silver Finish checks off a lot of boxes. It exudes a metallic look and feel for all kinds of applications. 

Pearlescent Finish is an extremely versatile finish and it works well with bright colors. It is a great option when a project calls for a little sparkle. 

Media Plus was produced for when a deeper embossing effect is desired. The weight of the foamable layer is heightened by 50% compared to traditional matte media and the foaming thickness increases by 100%. This is highly suitable for 3D paintable decor and digital concrete applications. 

Chameleon Finish, much like a chameleon, changes colors. This finish doesn’t just sparkle but it changes hue depending on the angle you are viewing it from. This eye-catching effect will add allure to your product. 

Move Forward with Bigger Dot

For decades, Bigger Dot has taken the lead when it comes to the latest printing innovations. Dimense print technology is another cutting-edge opportunity for our clients to leverage when it comes to eye-catching printing methods. If you want to know more about Dimense printing, please reach out so we can welcome you into a new dimension.

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