dispatches 02 // pet + puzzle

Passing time restfully and kindly.

Staying inside can be tough. Some of us have too much to do while others have too little. But we are all feeling a bit of pressure to do more. Workout! Be creative! Bake lots of bread! Well, sometimes we just need a minute to quiet things down. Here are a few creative outlets we have found that remove the pressure of being productive while helping us take a breath. Give yourself a break, why don’t you?


Origami yourself a cute little birdie for your WFH space. All you need is a 6″ x 6″ piece of paper and a little patience. Within no time you can have something tangible that YOU made. And a new office pet.



Puzzles seem to be a go-to stress reliever these days and are sold out everywhere. If you’re not able to get your hands on one (or are overwhelmed by the choices), why not try a digital version? National Geographic is offering free digital jigsaw puzzles of their iconic photography from the Photo of the Day series, with new images added daily.



Still feeling the pressure? For the next 8 minutes, have a listen of this proven stress and anxiety reducing track from Marconi Union called “Weightless”. It was created to intentionally slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure. In studies it dropped participants’ anxiety by 65 percent. 


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