dispatches 03 // wes + winnie

Finding inspiration.

It feels a bit obvious to say that art comes in all shapes and sizes. But it is true. And inspiration can come from anywhere. So we went looking for fun and unique expressions of creativity because right now feels as good as any to get back in touch with that notion. Take a look around. What do you see?


Madelaine Turner, bigger dot design collaborator and wife of our teammate, hasn’t let a pandemic hold her back. She found inspiration in simple things around her house to make “The Anderson Guide to Surviving a Global Pandemic,” an incredibly striking and quippy ode to Wes Anderson. It even caught the eye of Vulture!

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Winnie Au and her team scour dog parks for inspiring pups and take these beautiful portraits of them wearing cones. Why cones you ask? The “Cone of Shame” project is aimed at raising money for rescue dogs who have urgent medical needs.

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Our client the LA Phil has made learning beautiful. Full of rich details and fun games for the whole family, these downloadable activity books are a great way to stay tuned in and connected with art. Not only can you read the history of your favorite composer like Brahms or discover the anatomy of a bassoon, you can solve number puzzles too! 

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