dispatches 04 // otters + onions

Time to get out! But mostly at home.

Spring is in full swing and all we want is to get outside and enjoy some nature. So this week we are sharing a few escapes that bring the outdoors a bit closer to home.


Getting outside is easy if you have a garden. Here is an simple step-by-step guide to planting produce you get at the grocery store. Keep those green onion ends and the bottom of your heads of lettuce! 

grow >


Miss all those beautiful nationals parks? Well, looking at this artwork inspired by bad reviews of parks will definitely make you laugh. And maybe feel a bit better about not being there? 

laugh >


What is cuter than watching California sea otters swim and play? Not much in our opinion. Ok. Maybe these penguins, but that is about it. Check out these live feeds from Monterey Bay Aquarium and Aquarium of the Pacific. Pro tip: check out the sea otter feeding program that happens three times a day. 


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