dispatches 08 // inspire + independence

For you.

Being independent is more than just being interesting. It is about finding ways to dig deep and be who you are, even when it is challenging. How we relate and interact with our world defines who we are as people and who we are as a country. This week we are finding inspiration in those who do it a bit differently.


You can express yourself by tinkering away with things you find around the house. Object and food organizer Adam Hillman finds joy putting everyday objects into their perfect place. 

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Mona Caron is a Swiss born, San Francisco based artist who finds strength in the environment around her. Her WEEDS project explores the beauty of how these tiny, resilient little plants can beat the odds and find opportunity just about anywhere. 



Love can show its face in the most interesting places. Marine biologist Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson’s love of the ocean inspired a deeper connection to reefs and their importance in our world all because she fell in love with a fish. 


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