dispatches 09 // cod + clay

Sustaining to maintain.

Is anyone else back to wondering what day it is? We are. So what can we do to sustain ourselves while trying to maintain social distancing and this prolonged isolation? Engaging in these fun little bits have helped us find some of that elusive wellness everyone is talking about.


Sometimes all we can do is find a few minutes and move. FitOn is a free app that has a wide variety of workouts and free nutritional advice. They also have lots of useful articles like this one about walking meditation that can help you get out of a slump.

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What is your call of the wild? Are the mountains calling you to come hike? Or is it coming from that unfinished art project sitting in the other room? Or are little bits of clay literally howling at you to come play with them? Well, Studio Eeksaurus based in Mumbai imagined it as the latter. 

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Food is of course an amazing way to lift the spirits and use up some of that dragging time. The Home Cooking podcast with Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway looks at using what you have around the house to make a great meal. And so much more. We particularly like episode 3 and their chat about food safety during the pandemic! 

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