dispatches 11 // uncommon + community

Keeping things interesting.

When things around us seem to not change at all, it can be invigorating to take a beat. Step back. And look around us for something a bit different. A little unique. So this week, we are highlighting people who have found uncommon ways to access joy and find some peace. It is a nice reminder that doing things a little different can have a big payoff.


Why is this giant fox holding an equally giant grocery bag? Well. We don’t know for sure. But! We do know that foxes are a frequent site in Bospolder-Tussendijke, Netherlands where artist Florentijn Hofman decided to install this beauty. Thus making the animal an official community member. At over 50 feet, it is an extremely special one.



The Haenyeo divers of South Korea are known as Korea’s first working women, and have been freediving as a way of life for centuries. A short released by Patagonia following professional freediver Kimi Werner’s trip to dive with them stands out from previous documentaries about the Haenyeo. Because Werner traveled to Jeju to reflect on motherhood, work, and ties to the water. It is a powerful look at how our choices shape us and can lead us to be more free.



Maybe your lovable pet has gotten a bit too comfortable with your WFH lifestyle. Might be driving you a little bananas? Well, fear not! The people at Lifehacker have put some tips together for how to change things up to keep your furry friend happy. They might leave you feeling better too.


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