dispatches 17 // slide + scroll

Taking it easy but still enjoying the ride.

Looking to bring a touch of calm to your day? Sometimes a refreshing break can come in a simple package. The small escapes that help us check out from the hustle and bustle, while checking in with what we enjoy. Well, how about taking a moment and exploring some fun with us? Take a peak at what we have come across this past week.


With the option to play a memory style game or to click around on some cute graphics, Sound Board is a nice way to unwind. Pick a card, choose visual or sound, and spend some time with the designs. There are no instructions. So just click around and see what happens.



The simple act of scrolling through recipes is far from stressful when they are as good looking as those from chef Diala Canelo. Inspired by her travels and love of photography, her food blog and Instagram are a sight to be seen.



Get ready to be mesmerized with this oldie but goodie. This video is an informational and enjoyable look at the process of ink making. Put to quiet piano and a soothing narrator, it is easy to get lost in the process. The added bonus? You may learn a little something too.


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