The Future of Printing is Here. Landa Digital Printing

landa digital printing
Pictured: Benny Ohayon, Demo and Regional Sales Manager, Landa Digital Printing

Imagine a printing technology that exceeds all others by leaps and bounds. An innovation with extreme precision, nimble agility and limitless flexibility. The only limitation is your imagination.

Enter the Landa Digital Printer.

Powered by Nanography technology, the Landa Nanographic Digital Printer is the new standard when it comes to printing efficiency coupled with eye-popping color.

Landa Digital Printing Explained

Without getting too scientific, nano is a measurement prefix that means small. Really small. It is derived from the Greek word “dwarf”. With that said, when certain materials are reduced to nano-size, particles can become hardened.

The creators of Landa NanoInk Technology studied this while observing ink pigments. They discovered that when the pigments were reduced to a nanometric scale, the colorants became unusually powerful. Nano-graphic printing could produce perfectly round dots with razor-sharp edges, high-optical uniformity and extremely consistent density weather printing on glossy or matte paper.

This consistent, nano-sized process allows nano-graphic pigments to reach a picture-perfect light dynamic range. The seven-color CMYK color palette achieves 96% of all Pantone colors. That’s 50% more than CMYK offset. This also rids the need for off-press color mixing, on-press ink replacements and spot colors which will save you money. 

This fascinating technology was brought into the mainstream once again by Benny Landa.

Products The Landa Press Loves To Print On

The Landa NanoInk has the uncanny ability to bond and adhere to ANY off-the-shelf paper or plastic substrate, in any color, without priming or pre-treatment. This includes short and medium-sized runs on coated or uncoated stock up to 32 pt. It’s that diverse. 

Even at 6,500 sheets per hour, the Landa is limitless while delivering the sharpest industry-leading image quality imaginable, no matter the file input – CMYK or RGB.

Sustainability Matters

Not only is nano-graphic printing precise, but it utilizes the ultimate eco-friendly source; crisp, ultra-clean water. The Landa press uses clean water-based ink in a process that is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is brilliantly true to color.

  • The Landa Nanographic printing process is purely digital, eliminating the waste of printing plates and minimizing make ready.
  • You can print short runs or the exact quantity you need at a moment’s notice. This will minimize over-runs and unfinished or unwanted inventory that adds to unnecessary storage expenses.
  • Deinking a paper printed with Landa NanoInk produces a cleaner recycled paper than with any other ink.

Bigger Dot Delivers Nanotechnology

At Bigger Dot, we have a passion for innovation and exceeding industry standards. The Landa Nanographic Printing Press is a technological printing marvel that we are proud to offer our clients. From direct mail printing to packaging, posters and much more, our expertise and dedicated team are ready to help your projects shine on time and budget with spectacular results.

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