Nothing Catches the Eye Like a Classic Hand Painted Sign


In this eye-popping world of large format printing and fabrication, a hand-painted, customized sign is a timeless piece of art. It can express the uniqueness of any brand, big or small. Though it can be considered a lost art, hand-painted signage is quite popular and there are a number of reputable sign designers whose craft has been passed down from generation to generation.

Love The Craft

At Bigger Dot, we can fully appreciate the lost art of hand-painted signage. Most of these signs have classic roots, a touch of nostalgia, and a welcoming vibe. When a potential customer sees a hand-painted sign it immediately stands apart from the signs at Target, CostCo and Nordi’s. While these big box stores have a design aesthetic that is clean and strong, it is far from being handcrafted.


Scratching The Surface

When it comes to hand-crafted signage, there are a variety of themes and textures to make your sign say something special about your brand. They can be modern, nostalgic, mid-century, the list goes on and on. They can be done with patina, pin lines, sandblasting, wood grain or brushed metal. For a more organic vibe, they can be painted directly onto your surface, glass, storefront or building.

To get a better look at what is possible, check out the work that Top Notch Signs has created right here in Long Beach. The proprietor of Top Notch Signs, Adam Gonzalez, has a knack for painting directly onto a natural surface, and the result of his work is always organic and nostalgic with a boutique-like feel.

Hand-painted signs are art with a purpose and can be much more inviting than something that is purely digital. Digitally printed signage can lack the opportunity for personalization and whimsy. 


Sign On With Bigger Dot

We appreciate the tradition and craft of custom signage. We find them visually delicious. With Bigger Dot, whether your signage is hand painted or printed from a state-of-the-art large format printing press, our goal is simple. You should be able to stand back, look up and see your brand represented in a special, personalized way. 

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