From Brand History to Retail Signage, Great Things Happen When Brand and Retail Converge


Let’s face it. Successful retail signage can’t survive without a brand story. A relatable voice. Likewise, a successful brand can’t survive without incorporating an intriguing retail marketing component. 

Look at Starbucks, Volkswagen, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. What do they all have in common? Consistency. You know their logos, fonts, and color schemes because they have consistently marketed to you for decades. You know their story. You have seen their campaigns not just in stores, but online, around town, through direct mail and catalogs, and through brand activations. 

Before You Earn Their Wallets, Earn Their Hearts

A great retail marketing strategy begins with a relatable brand story, and you don’t have to be Nike or Apple to do it right. Keep it simple, authentic, and memorable. Meet the customer where they’re at. By creating an emotional connection through strategic and well-designed retail signage you will get the shopper from the window display to the cash register.

Is your product or service the first of its kind? Does it relate to a specific hobby or lifestyle? Was it derived from a unique historical narrative? All brands have a story and the more your customer relates to that story, the more loyalty you will create. 

Voices Carry

Every successful brand has a voice. The voice is your brand’s distinct personality and values. This voice is the north star of your marketing and should be carried into your retail stores succinctly and consistently. Brand consistency equals brand trust. If they trust your voice, they will trust your product. 

Here are a few examples…

  • Price – Through their fun and quirky brand storytelling and kooky product names, IKEA has secured the corner market on affordability. The brand is fun and accessible. The retail signage is extremely simple. IKEA designs around price and they create an environment where you picture their furniture in your home. Meanwhile, sustainability, form, and function also take center stage. Retail branding with classic Swedish style that you can afford. 
  • Value – Welcome to Target. Where “design for all” is more than just a marketing campaign. It is a brand ethos that spills into their retail aisles for miles. They have everything you need and more. That is why your Target runs are easy, convenient, and affordable, yet you come home with twice as much product. They have mastered the pillars of retail. Their tagline, “Expect More. Pay Less” is exactly what you get. 
  • Quality – If your brand, products, or services are on the steep end of the price scale, tie them to a great story. Yeti is the master in that arena. These coolers are hot, but they aren’t cheap. Today’s savvy consumer loves a great story about why a product is worthy of its price. How is it made? Who uses it? Why is it so durable? Yeti romances their customer by telling a story they want to be a part of. If you tell it, they will come.
  • Exclusivity – When it comes to exclusivity, Patagonia is on a mountain of its own. They have exclusive headquarter-like stores where you can spend hours upon hours dreaming, fantasizing… and buying. The beauty of Patagonia, however, is that their up-cycled products are made to take on the harshest of elements and their stories support that. Additionally, a lifetime guarantee is just what their consumers are looking for. The products are pricey and they last a lifetime. You can see yourself wearing them on the adventures you have planned and the ones you have only dreamed about. 
  • Pioneers – Skate. Surf. Snow. Vans. For over 50 years Vans has been synonymous with staying forever young. Whether you’re old school or new school, Vans is all about creative expression, authenticity, and performance. Walk into one of their stores or branded skateparks and you’ll drink the Vans Kool-Aid. Vans has mastered a classic, pop culture voice that is recognizable by rebels around the world.
  • The Joe of all trades – Everyone loves the cultural phenomenon of Trader Joe’s. They do all of the above by the bag full. This is a brand that loves to tell stories when it comes to their fearless approach to retailing. Everyone has a favorite Trader Joe’s product because they make it their mission to meet your needs as well as surprise you with products you never knew you needed and now can’t live without. They represent simplicity, affordability, health, and enterprise. When the consumer finds a voice they can relate to, their finds feel like discoveries. Their shopping expeditions are like treasure hunts. 

Retail branding can be tricky but when done correctly, it can be a lot of fun. Not only will you hone in on the true voice of your brand but you will be able to speak to your customers in a way that draws them in, gets them excited, and connects them to your product on a cellular level.  

At Bigger Dot, we embrace and produce retail signage that ties into a brand’s story. From color consistent print to delivery and installation, we help get the message in store! Your brand’s specific voice should be communicated in a meaningful way throughout your retail space and we can help to make that happen.

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