The Bedrock Of Retail is Made of Brick-and-Mortar

Brick-and-Mortar is a retail classic. Physical street-side shops are essential in today’s business environment and they can tell us a lot about the current economical climate. Before e-commerce, brick-and-mortar shops were how and where business was done. As we look to the future, brick-and-mortar retail could be making a strong come back. Brands such as Ralph LaurenVuori, and Northface, for example, are all expanding and opening hundreds of stores nationwide.

What is a brick-and-mortar store?

Chances are, unless you shop exclusively online, you’ve most likely stepped inside a few brick-and-mortar stores recently. We commonly know them as specialty stores, department stores, grocery stores and supermarkets, drug stores, superstores, and discount stores. The transaction takes place at a location, not online.

Brick-and-mortar stores are stand-alone stores that are staffed, inventory-based, and heavily rely on retail signage (that’s where we come in). Many of today’s contemporary brick-and-mortar stores offer a branded shopping experience to keep their shoppers engaged.

The In-Store Experience

There are a ton of advantages to having a brick-and-mortar shop. Customers like to shop at a physical location while touching and feeling the products. They enjoy the interaction with brand associates. They like a well-designed, nice smelling atmosphere to shop in. It’s the traditional way of doing things and it can even be nostalgic. 

The in-store, retail customer experience is something that e-commerce will never be able to replicate, and it is the time for a brand to really shine. Innovative marketing, cross-promotion, and competitive sale pricing can be a lot of work, but that is what brought the customer in. A brand like Ikea thrives with the use of lively merchandising, directional signage, and oversized price tags. Look around to see who does brand marketing the best within your competitive landscape and learn from them! Their goals are the same as yours.

What’s in store with brick-and-mortar?

Since many brick-and-mortar box stores and chains are traded on the stock market (Home Depot, Lowes, Nordstrom), they are a natural litmus test when it comes to gauging the economy. The onset of e-commerce has certainly given street-side stores a run for their money, but brick-and-mortars are also taking advantage of the digital age. New marketing technology has allowed shop fronts to tell beautiful stories and receive vibrant facelifts. 

Access to digital marketing has allowed brick-and-mortars to provide interactive store experiences, fulfillment and delivery services, and diverse methods of payment. The competition is fiercer than ever and retail signage plays a very important role. With new print substrates and print processes always being introduced to the market, brands can gain an advantage by having a close relationship with a valued print partner to steer them in the right direction. 

Bigger Dot Knows Brick-and-Mortar

Whether a retailer is a mega big box store or a small fashion boutique, printed graphics are a big part of the in-store experience. At Bigger Dot, our large-format printing expertise has you covered. We can produce your window displays, wall graphics, fixture graphics, POP displays, custom signage, and so much more. Bigger Dot wants to see you thrive in the retail space and we can handle the marketing  projects that will make your brick-and-mortar store shine.

bigger dot is a global print project management company that provides custom, specialized and strategic print project solutions. We work with industries such as performing arts, tech, education, aerospace, and corporate culture changers.