The Power of Variable Data Printing for Direct Mail

When you were a kid there was nothing better than receiving a birthday party invitation in the mail. It was special and important because someone had thought to send a personalized card or letter that was delivered via US Post Service right to your doorstep.

Now imagine the feeling your customer gets when they receive a personalized direct mail piece. It might not be the same as getting an invitation to Billy’s 12th birthday party, but it does give your customer an exalted feeling of being chosen. They will feel special within your brand community.

It’s All In A Name

When you walk into your favorite coffee joint and the barista says, “Hi there, what can I get for you today?”. That’s nice. Imagine hearing “Hello (your name goes here), can I get you your venti salted caramel mocha frappuccino with three pumps of mocha, three pumps of toffee nut syrup, double blended with extra whipped cream?”  

Welcome to personalized direct mail.

Customized messages have a better return on your investment. That means a higher rate of engagement, response and purchase. Additionally, if there are three different points of customizing and personalizing the name while tailoring the message, your response rate improves by over 1,000%! A Linksys study found that “59% of shoppers who have experienced personalization believe it has a noticeable influence on purchasing.” 

How To Get Noticed

Make It Personal. Kind of a no brainier but yes, printing their name is like a firm handshake, and those first impressions matter.

QR Codes. If you add a QR code you can send the client to a customizable landing page with an offer or a giveaway. Your brand is now in their hand and you have access to their intel.

A Personalized Offer. Make them feel special by offering something special. Add their name to a specialized offer such as “Sarah, this exclusive offer was created for you!”, and voila. You’re connected.

Location, location, location. Use a local, familiar landmark that the recipient can identify with. In Long Beach, CA, you could use The Queen Mary or The Walter Pyramid. They will associate you and your brand with being local. They assume you get them and understand their area and demographic. Which you should.

The Future Is Here With Variable Data Printing

Also known as VDP, Variable Data Printing is sophisticated software technology that customizes each printed piece through a database, all in one print run.

You have the power to unharness your creative potential by changing and customizing logos, names, images, and more for numerous demographics or recipients. The options are many, as is the ROI.  

When customers receive a pure, customized message that went into their mailbox, not just their inbox, the result is a much higher rate of engagement, response and purchase.

VDP Is In The Bigger Dot House

At Bigger Dot, our experience and know-how with variable data printing allows us to walk you through creating individual lists, customizing for each demographic and executing a tailored, effective, data-driven direct mail campaign that begs to be noticed, opened and responded to. Let’s get started!

bigger dot is a global print project management company that provides custom, specialized and strategic print project solutions. We work with industries such as performing arts, tech, education, aerospace, and corporate culture changers.