Understanding the Paper Shortage

There is nothing that we love more than a beautifully designed, eye-catching piece of printed paper. Whether it’s an Egg Press greeting card, an Anthropologie catalog, or an elegant invite to a performing arts gala there is something special about these items. They activate the forward movement of business and draw consumers in for new possibilities.

Paper is a precious commodity that has seen an observable cycle of highs and lows when it comes to cost and accessibility. Sadly, current supply chain issues are leading to impacts in 2022 unlike any that we have seen in the past.

If you have been to the grocery store or gas station recently you are no stranger to the price hikes that are afflicting our present economy. Through the Covid crisis, we saw a steep and sudden decline in the use of paper products and printed material as businesses paused their marketing campaigns and struggled to stay afloat. While the economy is reopening, businesses are getting back to their pre-pandemic grind and new concepts are emerging around every corner, the demand for paper products has skyrocketed seemingly overnight.

The adverse effects of this post-pandemic economy, however, have been plant closures, raw material shortages, the use of these vital materials to produce shipping boxes, transportation constrictions and the rising cost of transportation. Additionally, while increasing demand for raw, eco-friendly anti-plastic products and packaging is good for Mother Earth, this trend is consuming the resources that were once used for paper production. The result of this massive impact on paper supply is a tremendous price surge for the consumer.

As our industry adjusts to the ebbs and flows of paper and forest product scarcity, it is important that we plan accordingly. Making rapid adjustments will surely elevate the outcome for those that understand these events. A collective effort of preparing for increased paper costs, considering affordable and available alternatives, accessing a diverse rolodex of paper suppliers, and planning for extended project timelines is the equation for success.

Fortunately, this is what Bigger Dot does best. We are here to plan projects with you that will address the current climate head-on while still delivering a meaningful piece that makes a lasting impact, as paper always does.

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