Why We Love Postcards for Direct Mail

postcards for direct mail

Something you may not see much of these days is a good postcard. A kitschy landscape scene from a friend on vacation in Hawaii with the ole, “Wish you were here, but you’re not!” Instead, your mailbox is stuffed with poorly done, cookie-cutter postcards from local real estate agents, plumbers, moving businesses, and banks offering adjustable home loans.

But there’s hope.

At Bigger Dot, we value a good postcard. We create postcards for direct mail marketing pieces that are simple, engaging, and effective. Personalized postcards are a great way to reach your audience and leave them excited to check the mail. 

Postcards For Direct Mail Deliver

According to Forbes, the Direct Marketing Association says that direct mail marketing has a response rate of 10-30% higher than that of digital direct marketing. That equates to a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% for traditional email. In a media world that is buzzing about digital response rates, those numbers are huge. 

The fact is that you can’t delete a postcard from your home mailbox. It gets into your hands. Considering how highly targeted postcards can be and how inexpensive they are in bulk, adding postcards to your direct marketing agenda is a no-brainer.

No Envelope Please

Postcards for direct mail have another built-in benefit: no envelopes! This is one less step for the consumer, beneficial to the environment and you save on costs. Plus, due to an envelope shortage, this is an ideal solution to another supply and demand challenge. By removing the envelope your message is delivered to the consumer front and center. The next step is deciding how to make your piece stand out!

Here are a few ideas to stimulate your creativity:

Get Personal – According to an Info Trends study, 84% of participants say they would be more likely to read a direct mail piece if it were personalized. Bigger Dot can help you with variable data printing.

QR Codes – The way we see it, QR should stand for “quick response”! QR codes have made a stunning yet necessary comeback through the pandemic. They are the new norm and marketers are taking advantage of them. With a QR code, you can send your recipients straight to your website or even to an event splash page or contest to register for.

Switch It Up – There is a sea of sameness when it comes to postcards for direct mail. Why not switch it up, get noticed and be memorable? Change up the postcard size. Use different paper stocks and coatings to create that tactile experience. You can also use special die-cuts, add scratchers, or “peel and reveals”. Postcards for direct mail can be creative and unique and Bigger Dot can help with all of the endless possibilities.

For more information on postcard sizes and tips, visit the USPS here.

Start your Postcard Campaign with the experts at Bigger Dot

From zippy turnarounds to zip codes, Bigger Dot has the experience and know-how to get your postcard direct mail campaign up and running. Every successful direct mail campaign deserves to be treated professionally and our seasoned experts will do just that. Bigger Dot is at your service as you grow your brand one mailbox at a time.

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