Environmental Graphics for Avid in Munich Germany

Long Beach is known around the world for a few things worth mentioning. A Grand Prix. The Queen Mary. One of the busiest ports on earth. And Bigger Dot. How does Bigger Dot find its way onto this list of global accolades? Well, Bigger Dot doesn't just serve Long Beach, Southern California, or the United States. They serve the world. Bigger Dot has a flourishing international presence, thanks in part to an office in The Netherlands, giving us a strong presence and ties in the EU and beyond.

Our video software client Avid, known globally for their post-video production and multimedia software, reached out to us for assistance in updating their environmental graphics at their Munich, Germany corporate office. With the graphic design elements supplied by the client, it was the job of Bigger Dot to survey the property for sizes and recommend the ideal medium to accomplish the final look the client wanted to achieve.

We chatted with Kyle Morrison, our large format specialist, responsible for producing the project for Avid in Munich, Germany. Here’s what went down.

Why did Avid Munich choose Bigger Dot?

As a longtime partner of Avid here in the U.S. we produce a variety of graphics, displays, and decor for the U.S. offices, events, & sales team here. Avid is highly respected when it comes to post work with some of the biggest movie and TV studios in the world, they just happened to have their HQ here in the U.S. When the EU office saw what we did here, it was a no-brainer for them.

What challenges were you looking to solve with your interior graphics at the offices in Munich?

Finding ways to keep the graphic elements consistent across multiple surface types was our biggest challenge. We also needed to setup a site survey and consult on the material choices. For example, some walls were better to paint and use spot graphics vs covering the whole wall in print. But problem solved.

How did our solution help solve their challenge?

Over 30 years of experience gave us the ability to recommend the correct materials for the environment the first time around. This speeds up the planning and estimating process so we can keep the project on time and on budget.

Our Bigger Dot team suggested different substrates and media to decorate the many private offices, meeting rooms, hallways, and common spaces and tie them all together for one, unified, branded look, feel and vibe.

What are some of the kinds of material that Bigger Dot used for this project?

During the planning process, we were able to offer a vast array of material choices. Once the space was surveyed and the budget discussed, we then could make final decisions about materials. For this project, we used adhesive film with matte laminate for full-size wall murals, frosted privacy window film, expanded PVC color matched to PMS call outs, and contour cut adhesive film with matte laminate for spot graphics.

What are some of the main benefits Avid Munich leveraged when working with Bigger Dot?

Key product knowledge, turnkey solutions, and global manufacturing support completed the project in a comfortable time frame since Avid didn’t have to contract multiple, outside vendors. Also, our keen attention to detail and buttoned-up project management.

This creates a unified front and proof that Bigger Dot prides itself on unparalleled communication and customer service, and it shows!


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