Connection with a Purpose

We all know how crazy it can be to navigate through a busy airport. Envision yourself finding parking, locating your airline, hauling your luggage from the parking lot to the ticket counter, navigating through security, hiking to the departure gate... and then tracking down the proper restroom. Now imagine doing it all without any directional signage.

As demonstrated, environmental design can play a quintessential role in everything from getting from point A to point B, branding, experiential, environmental, identity, and more. If environmental graphics is that important, what’s even more important is to work alongside an established partner who knows how to create environmental graphics that inspire, rather than getting lost in a sea of chaos.

These days a consumer can be exposed to 10,000 messages a day.

What is Environmental Graphic Design (EGD)?

EGD uses industrial, architectural, and interior design to create visual communication that enhances a physical space and enhances people's experience within it.

From navigation to the branding and signage on the wall to the colors and typography, it all plays an important role that connects with a human, emotional experience. If done correctly, that is.

Different types of environmental graphics we handle. These graphics can be found in a wide range of environments including corporate offices, retail spaces, and public places. Here are a few environmental design products that we offer:


Dimensional Graphics

While wall graphics can appear flat, dimensional graphics and signage really stand out, literally. Having a 3D design can really make your signage pop and is aesthetically attractive. You see them in retail and corporate environments and can be created from metal, wood, or acrylic. Dimensional graphics also communicate you are “here to stay” as an established retail brand, or business.


Backlit Displays

These are very common at retail stores, airports, museums, events, and trade shows. They typically use LED lights, an aluminum frame, and a printed fabric. They are also known as an SEG (silicone edge graphic) or fabric lightbox. These displays are professional, eye-grabbing, and easily interchangeable. All you need is a power source and you're in business.



Wallcoverings are hard to miss. They stand at attention on a wall just like a personalized mural. They bring a space to life and make quite a first impression. Plus, you can choose from several textures and easily change the design.


Window Films

Window films are a simple solution to leverage a branding canvas that most buildings already have... windows. You can get very creative with window films, and they can take on many different forms: decorative, die-cut, printed 1st or 2nd surface, and they also can help manage the amount of sunlight, glare, and heat that enters a room.


Wall Decals

Similar to wallcoverings, wall decals typically refer to graphics that are die-cut. Also known as cut vinyl. Dressing up walls and windows with die-cut decals adds a different kind of visual interest rather than covering your entire wall or window.


Floor Graphics

These graphics are printed and then adhered right to the floor. These messages and graphics can be die-cut into different shapes and utilized for wayfinding, branding, inspiration or to give the space a more visual impact.

Your team for environmental graphics. At Bigger Dot our priority is to bring your brand to life and to put your message in front of consumers in a memorable and inspirational way. Some of today's most recognized brands turn to us when it comes to the world of environmental graphic services, and we hope that you will to.

The Importance of Environmental Design

An Experience Index report from Gensler Research Institute reviewed the impact of design on experience with over 4,000 consumers country-wide and discovered that “The design of physical space proves to have a significant, quantifiable impact on the quality of people’s experience.”

  • People who said that the spaces they visited were “extremely well designed” rated their experience nearly 2x higher than those who said the space was “poorly designed.”
  • People are 10x more likely to share their experience in stores with unique design features on social media than those without.


Experiencing Environmental Graphics

It might seem simple as you experience it around town, but there's a lot that goes in to a successful environmental design plan. What may be used by a shopping mall versus the inside of a restaurant are two different experiences and require different products and graphics. According to Gensler Research, there are five experiences to consider:

  1. Task: A space where the goal is highly focused and the need to minimize distractions is important such as a corporate meeting location.
  2. Social: A restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. The EGD objective here is to create an interactive experience with a sense of engagement and community.
  3. Discovery: An exciting and alluring experience that is bold and interactive. Times Square is a great example of this.
  4. Entertainment: Movie theaters, concerts, and other captivating venues where escaping the daily grind are the primary objective.
  5. Aspiration: Education and higher learning, connecting with a new or greater purpose such as a faith-based experience.

Environmental Graphic Services

Environmental graphic services are smack dab in the center of Bigger Dot’s wheelhouse. EGD is s way to keep your brand relevant and intentional in a sea of branding clutter. Whether you’re a small retail start-up or want to make waves in a large outdoor environment, Bigger Dot understands how to keep your brand front and center.

Project Consulting. You’ve got the brand guidelines and an amazing space to take over. Whether it’s a retail window with a new product or a conference room with inspiration for employee planning. How to use that space is more than just where to put a logo. Careful selection of the types of materials used, dimensional or flat, along with key hardware can really bring the brand or messaging to life. We understand what is physically possible which can save time and money.

Project Management. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to environmental graphic design. Bigger Dot can manage your entire project from beginning to end. This will streamline your project, ensure that your expectations are met, and bring your creative concepts to life.


Fabrication & Production. Creating environmental graphics isn't always as easy as it looks. The good news is that we have the experience, manpower and technology to design, fabricate, and print quality graphics that last.


Global Installation. No matter where your installation needs to be, we can make it happen. We have a global network of professional installers who will coordinate, manage, and execute for you at a moment’s notice. They work directly with our project managers to make sure that your project doesn't skip a beat.

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