Print Fulfillment Services

So you have this print project. It requires a lot of moving parts. Some parts are going to the left coast and others to the right. Some next week. Some next month.

There can be so many components to a print project, it’s hard to imagine a streamlined process with multiple packages and locations that will maintain brand consistency. We understand how important this process is, especially when it comes to to your target date and bottom line.


Advantages of outsourcing your print fulfillment

Efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency. Other than that, here are a few more benefits and advantages:

  • Storage space. It’s somewhere else! If you have a big, cumbersome project and a not-so-big place of business it can be stored off-site.
  • Look like a hero. When you save your company money, space and time, you’re saving the day, every day.
  • Smooth sailing. Experienced fulfillment vendors have the resources to streamline the process which means fewer errors.
  • Customize it. Fulfillment vendors can also customize each shipment so you don’t have to. They have the manpower and the tools to make that happen.

Your fulfillment partner!

Bigger Dot is ready to serve you and has a team of professionals who can do all the above and more. We are logistics experts and we will get your packages fulfilled and shipped to whomever needs to get it.

Our Services.

Maintaining consistency, flow, and output, whether on demand or scheduled, is critical to the success of any fulfillment process. Our facility in Signal Hill, CA. provides the space, technology and experience to fulfill your orders as needed. We can assist with all aspects of printing, storage, kitting, assembly, and distribution.

Pick and Pack. A print campaign can contain multiple items with different locations needing to receive different pieces. We can pick and pack what is needed for each location and efficiently pack it for shipping.


Kitting. We can pre-prepare kits so they are ready to go at a moment’s notice. Once the kits are made, they are stored until ordered.


Case Picking. This process simply means the entire package is pulled and not opened for shipment.

Assembly. As the name says, it's an assembled order. A notepad, a pen, and a letter from the founder into a printed folder all organized into a unit.  


Warehouse and Fulfillment. If other pieces simply need to be sorted and stored, we can accommodate that so you don't have to. 


Drop Shipping. When a customer makes a purchase from you, we can manage the shipment and send it off to your customer blindly. This means there will be zero Bigger Dot branding on the package or ship slips.

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