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When you combine decades of litho printing and print management experience with incredible attention to personal service, you get a company that you can depend on. As leading litho printing experts in Los Angeles, we apply our expertise to everything we put our hands on. No matter what your industry is, we have what it takes to bring your creative dream to life. In a distracting digital world, an exquisitely crafted print piece demonstrates thoughtfulness and intent that sets your brand apart and gives your message more weight. Let us help make your brand tangible with high-quality, litho-printed projects.

Litho print projects we handle. While more and more information is shared online these days, for many people, there's nothing quite like a piece of printed material. A high-quality coffee table book, a catalog to peruse, an instructional leaflet in a retail box, a postcard in a direct mail campaign, a local map… the list is endless. Quite simply, people like print, and so do we! We are passionate about creating quality eye-catching pieces and we are geared up to manage any project you dream up! Here is just a small taste of litho printed pieces we produce.

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When it comes to presenting powerful messages to your clients in a sleek, stylish and tactile way, brochures can get the job done in a way no other marketing piece can.

With an array of paper types, print embellishments and finishing options available, we will craft a solution that will suit you and your brand perfectly.


Direct Mail

We all know that the direct mail landscape has fundamentally changed - for the better! Data is more precise, lists are more accessible and customizable, print technologies have advanced, and direct mail is once again a major player in marketing.

Whether you want to send out a postcard, mini catalog, or publication, our direct mail experts can help you stay ahead of the game with campaigns that deliver a striking impact.



For high-quality book printing that doesn’t cut corners, our litho printing is the ideal choice for your next book project. Bigger Dot offers all of the most premium printing options and we work with the best bindery resources worldwide. Additionally, we don’t only produce books domestically, but in Europe and Asia as well!

Using only quality paper, binding, and custom print techniques, we know how to produce books that the most demanding art directors love. Your readers will not want to put your book down.



When you have a lot of information to communicate to your customers, there is no better way to tell them about your products than with a beautiful, multi-page catalog!

We can create a wide range of sizes and finishes, giving you a striking final product that will entice your customers to flip through each page.

See why catalogs are making a comeback.


Corporate Collateral

How do you ensure that employees and salespeople communicate your company's brand in a consistent way? With corporate collateral. Corporate collateral can range from brochures and folders to training manuals, packaging and more. It all needs to have a cohesive look and feel to keep your brand on point.



People say that "the packaging is the product", and we couldn't agree more. With a high percentage of purchase decisions being influenced by a first look alone, it's critical that you get your printed packaging right, the first time.

We produce high-end litho printed packaging solutions for numerous industries and we understand that quality and ingenuity for your brand are key.

Working to your product's specifications, we can help your business benefit from memorable packaging solutions that will stand out from the crowd, encourage consumer purchasing, and deliver a memorable brand experience.

Your team for litho printing. The Bigger Dot team has decades of litho printing and print management experience. We will assist in getting your files ready for pre-press. We will press check and print your project with precision and excellence. We will get your job packaged accurately and set for final delivery. Everyone on our team understands the importance of clear and proactive communication, honoring your budget, and meeting every deadline. Think of us as an extension of your team. We believe that business should be about building relationships, and the better the relationship, the better the product.   


Digital printing? We know that too!

Need 200 postcards, 500 brochures, or additional flyers before your next big event?

Digital printing is a solution that will fit these needs. With digital printing, we can print small runs of projects quickly and within your budget. People assume that the quality of digital printing isn't as high as that of litho printing. At Bigger Dot, we're looking to break that perception. Our decades of digital print experience allow us to provide a stunning photo-quality look with the feel of litho print to our customers. State-of-the-art digital printing gives us the ability to offer short-run, on-demand, full-color printing with quality and budget in mind.

Our Services

You deserve litho printing experts that care. With Bigger Dot on your team, your projects will be produced by a printer that values your creative goals and budget. From project consulting to proofing to coordinating multi-location shipments, we're here to ensure that the outcome of your print project meets and exceeds your every expectation, is on budget, and is delivered on time.

Project Consulting. There are a lot of details to consider during the initial stages of a project. When you invite Bigger Dot to join your team you can trust that the intricacies of your print project will be handled with care. We'll collaborate with you from the beginning as you decide on paper selection, inks, efficiency of size, finishing options, and everything in between. Our Los Angeles-based litho printing experts will also work with you to set the timeline, budget, and delivery details that best meet your needs.

Project Management. Bigger Dot dives into every print project ears first. Once we understand the details of your vision, we will tap into our decades of experience to make it happen. Our team will manage file preparations, assist in press checks and keep you updated on vital project details and timelines. Your Project Manager will ensure that your final piece gets completed on time, just as you had envisioned. Our Los Angeles-based litho printing experts will also work with you to set the timeline, budget, and delivery details that best meet your needs.


Prepress. Ensuring that the details of your file meet the pre-press requirements is a vital step in the printing process. From color accuracy and image resolution to bleeds and size, our set of preflight measures will ensure that your print file gets to the press exactly how you imagined. If we determine that your file needs some adjusting, we'll get in touch with you to discuss what is needed to get your project where it needs to be. Once the necessary modifications have been made, we'll provide you with a proof to ensure your work is ready for press.


Press Checks. Can't leave your desk to attend a press check at the printer? Or maybe you lack the necessary experience to do a press check? Not to worry - we'll attend them for you. Press checks are the last stop before the production run of your project, your investment. While many people see them as a daunting task, it's our forte here at Bigger Dot. It's something we love doing. We'll avail ourselves on your behalf. We know exactly what to look for, the questions to ask, and we have an eye for detail.

Fulfillment & Distribution. While lithographic print lies at the heart of Bigger Dot print management, our decades of print expertise extend to fulfillment and distribution as well. When you partner with us you will have the advantage of working with a team that has already worked through the kinks and refined the process. We quickly evaluate all critical aspects of a pack out and recommend solutions for efficient, accurate, and timely distribution.

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