Retail Signage Redefined

At Bigger Dot, retail signage is an opportunity for your business to shine. It's an opportunity to be authentic and to be noticed through modern, unique, and sustainable solutions. Our objective is to bring a new level of cost-effective, aesthetically clean, and well-thought-out retail signage to visual merchandisers. We want your signage to get noticed and talked about rather than buried in the advertising mix.


The impetus of retail signage.

There are many ways to get noticed these days. You can dance around in a sandwich board or a gorilla suit. You may get noticed, but that's probably not the best way to motivate or inspire.

Signs have been around since the beginning of time. It’s safe to say that retail signage has evolved quite a bit since cavemen and hieroglyphics and it will continue to evolve. We keep our finger on the pulse of retail culture because competition is fierce.

Retail signage is a simple and effective way to connect with the consumer. It needs to stay congruent with your brand and have a well thought out strategy. Colors and graphics are important but cost, substrate choice, material yield, weight, ease of installation, kitting, recyclability and reusability all need to be a part of the strategy as well.

According to research by the Signage Foundation, signs have a significant positive impact with 60% of businesses reporting a 10% increase in sales by adding or updating their signs.

The retail experience.

Brick-and-mortar stores have a pretty solid advantage over a digital experience. We call it the “human touch.” In fact, according to the Sitel Group, 70% of humans prefer to interact with a human. Brick-and-mortar stores, however, still need to lean on visual merchandising. Store design, lightning, color palette, POP displays, end caps, retail fixtures, shelving, and window displays are all important pieces of engaging customers in their retail experience.

Shoppers live for a good in-store experience, so make it a compelling and memorable one for them. Post-Covid brick-and-mortar retail is booming, now is the time to take advantage of the opportunities, and beautiful visuals will create foot traffic in shops, malls, or wherever your retail marketing needs to shine.

Our retail expertise really shines when we produce products like these: 

Fixture Graphics

Hanging Signage

Window Displays 

Light Boxes

SEG Graphics

Floor Graphics

Dimensional Displays

POP Displays


A-Frame Signs 

Banners & Banner Stands 

Sign Holders & Stands

Your team for retail signage sucess!

We look forward to partnering with you when it comes to inspiration, renderings, concepts, prototypes, ideation and more. We do it all and we keep things on time and on budget. Just ask any one of our many returning clients.

Our Services.

A seasoned visual merchandiser knows that shoppers today are visually driven and respond to things that look good. If your retail signage looks good, the consumer responds immediately. Bigger Dot also strives to respond immediately when it comes to your signage needs. We want to help drive your messaging home and consumers into stores. We excel in the visual merchandising world and that’s why some of today's most recognized brands turn to us.

Project Management. Timelines, Excel grids, file management, proofing, and shipping for the most complex projects are all a part of what we can do for you. We understand that you have other projects and don’t always have the manpower needed for marketing campaigns. It’s OK. We’re an extension of your team. Like pasta and wine. Peanut butter and chocolate. We believe the magic happens when we work together.


Custom Signage Design & Prototyping. We don't only design outside the box, but within your budget. Our team of retail experts are true artisans. They prototype with the best new and emerging materials and test until it’s right. We think like a consumer, but act like a marketer.


Production & Fulfillment. At Bigger Dot we know the right print process for any retail signage project whether it's litho, digital or large format. We will ensure that the right pieces get to the right stores because we have a savvy team committed to fulfillment and shipping.

National Installation. Whether your project is on the left coast, the right coast, or anywhere in between, we have a network of professional installers to coordinate, manage and execute at a moment’s notice. If you can visualize it, we can install it.

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Let’s work together and create a litho project that will dazzle and delight!