All Eyes On Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are a beast. They can be costly, overwhelming and the booth design alone can suck the life out of you. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way!

The key to having a successful booth presentation is choosing the right partner. Bigger Dot knows that an eye grabbing booth presentation can quickly draw your client in and make a lasting first impression. When you choose Bigger Dot, we become a part of your trade show team and can help to make your trade show booth come to life.

Trade Show Booth Services

Whether you’re aiming for a custom booth on an island, or a portable 10x10 booth that you can setup yourself, we will be an extension of your team from beginning to end. We make it easy because we understand that trade shows are not. Below are a few ways that our expertise can alleviate stress and elevate your presence:

Project Management

Trade shows can be overwhelming and daunting. This is why leveraging Bigger Dot to oversee your booth from beginning to end makes sense. Work smarter, not harder with Bigger Dot. Project management is our bread and butter.

Structural Booth Design

We work closely with our clients and their budgets to propose the ideal booth build in every diverse situation. We enjoy designing booths for every need including portable, modular, and even custom trade show booths. Our specialty is thinking outside the box and we may have ideas that you have never thought of!

Trade Show Graphics

Rigid graphics, fabric graphics, silicone edge graphics, backlit graphics, sewing, fitting, color matching, proofing, – we can do it all!

Booth Staging

Bigger Dot can be there to make the magic happen. From set up to walk-through, perfection is in the details and we will leave no stone unturned. With us as a partner, you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Installation and Dismantle

No matter where your show is, Bigger Dot has a network of union and non-union installers that specialize in the installation and dismantle of your booth.


Trade shows are massive marketing  events with a ton of potential. Bigger Dot can take on all aspects of your booth. We can handle the design, creation, production, set up, dismantle and even storage. When we pack a booth up for storage, it’s done simply and seamlessly so that your booth is ready to go for the next show.

The Importance of Trade Show Booth Design

While the trade show food can be less than appealing, a trade show booth never should be! You can spot those poorly done booths an aisle away. Bland design, cluttered visuals, mixed messaging, too many different type faces. We don't want this to be you. Today’s consumer is visually driven which is why clean design and clear messaging is critical.

Clean and inspirational design will draw the consumer to your booth and will generate brand trust. It tells them that you’re a pro. Intentional design will be inviting and make the salesperson's job a piece of cake.

We know that you want your booth to make a statement, but luckily you don't have to have a giant budget to have a beautiful booth. A company like Apple has unlimited resources but Apple’s branding is actually quite simple because their products are simple. By considering the simplicity of your product, you can create clean and simple branding without having to break the bank. An open and inviting booth will shine at every trade show.

Lastly, no one likes to get yelled at when it comes to messaging. It is vital to declutter the messaging on your booth. Keep it simple. Do not put your entire brochure or website copy on your booth. By using smart, succinct messaging you will be a breath of fresh air in a world that is yelling at every consumer that walks by. By the time the attendees walk the third or fourth show aisle, their eyes are glazed and overwhelmed. You only have a few seconds to communicate who you are. Be the booth that they have been hoping for.

The Trade Show Booths Sizes You Need to Know

When planning for your next show, it’s important to fully understand your trade show booth options. There are more than a few sizes that may work best for you, and a lot of this has to do with your budget. Here are your options for most shows:

Inline Booth

Also known as “linear” booths, these have neighbors on both sides. It is one of the more traditional and economical booth space options. If you can nab an inline booth on a corner, all the better so that you can have traffic flowing on two sides rather than just one. You can also get two inline booths to transform your booth from 10’X10’ to 10’X20’ to maximize your footprint.

Corner Booth

The beauty of corner booths is that they are hard to miss. You’ll be located at the corner of two intersecting aisles so you can be seen from a distance. Visual exposure is a big plus and a corner booth essentially doubles your foot traffic. This alone can justify the price.

Peninsula Booth

What has aisles on 3 sides, shares a wall with another exhibitor, and gets oodles of foot traffic and attention? You guessed it, a peninsula booth. Peninsula booths are a bit pricier than an inline booth but they will ensure more foot traffic as well as holding many more possibilities for design and creativity. Many trade shows have certain limitations on branding peninsula booths so be sure to research that before designing.

Perimeter Booth

Similar to the peninsula booth, one side is not accessible. Unlike a peninsula booth, the perimeter booth lives on the outside perimeter of the show. It can also be L-shaped. One of its biggest advantages is that it maximizes vertical visibility as the height restrictions are looser for a perimeter booth.

Island Booth

If you want maximum visibility, an island booth is a great option. It maximizes flow since it can be entered from all four sides and it is more secluded than other plans which allows the consumer to focus on your marketing and product without distraction. In addition, the four sided Island booth gives you countless creative marketing options. Most island booths are 20’X20’ and sometimes they can be even bigger. They can be a pricier option but Island booths truly have a huge impact.

Three Types of Trade Show Booths Displays


If your crew is lean or if you have a one-man show, the portable trade show booth is a great idea. A portable booth is easy to set up and take down as it doesn't have a lot of moving parts. These booths are so easy that they usually fit into one carrying case and can literally pop-up with no tools required. You can also keep a portable booth fresh by simply swapping out the graphics from show to show. A portable booth is reasonably priced and can usually help you save on all your booth costs.


These booths are like legos, they are modular and reconfigurable. A modular trade show booth can grow with your business or contract when needed. It is the ideal solution if you attend several trade shows with different size booth spaces from show to show. Modular trade show booths are a cost-effective solution and, in most cases, easy to install, dismantle, and ship.


Under good creative direction, and with clean design and brand messaging, a custom booth can be a great option. It's truly "you” and no one else can mimic it. If you have a brand, product, or service that is different from your competitive landscape, this is your chance to curate a booth that does the same thing. With a custom booth, you can set yourself apart in a sea of sameness and show the world how innovative your product is!

Renting Versus Buying

To rent or to buy is now the question. To answer this question, you need to know how many shows you will be attending annually. If you plan on exhibiting only a couple times a year, then renting a trade show booth is a much more cost-effective option.

If you plan on exhibiting at several shows per year, owning your booth is a great idea and will surely be more cost-effective. A prep-tip is to keep in mind that renting a booth is about half the cost of owning a booth.

Why Rental?

  • No storage fees.
  • No expense for concept, design and build.
  • No cost for wear and tear.
  • More money in your pocket for other trade show expenses.
  • You can change the look of your booth from show to show.

Why Buy?

  • Rental booths may have wear and tear from previous users.
  • Renting can get pricey if you exhibit at several shows a year.
  • Pre designed booths may lack options for customization for your brand.
  • If you attend a lot of shows, owning a booth will be less than renting.
  • You have complete control over the booth design, giving you a unique trade show presence.

Your Trade Show Team

Every trade show exhibit should look buttoned up, tight and professional. Remember what we said about first impressions? We meant it. Additionally, the work that goes into marketing your booth, setting up appointments and so on can feel overwhelming. Bigger Dot looks forward to joining your trade show team and taking some tasks off of your plate. We have seasoned project managers with trade show experience that can't wait to work with you and help to make your booth shine!

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